5 Tips to Hold an Event on a Shoestring Budget

Saving money is the new spending, but you don’t have to compromise the integrity or intimacy of your event to get a stellar result. Here are a few ways to host an event on a tight budget. Choose a Venue that is willing to work with you and wants your bu ... Read more

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5 Event Rules You Must Follow

1. Define your team, strategy and delegate responsibilities.  Giving people certain tasks puts them in action mode. Planning an event takes drive, execution and time. The team needs to be fully aware and in agreement of the schedule and strategy and know how their part fits into the big scheme of things. Humans take pride in being a part of things if they understand how their ... Read more

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The Benefits of Live Events By Robin Dahms

Have you ever taken a vacation with three of your best friends? Years later, do you still have a special bond with these people? Holding a live event is like vacationing with your clients, customers, vendors, sponsors and employees br ... Read more

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3 Tips on Finding the Perfect Venue By Robin Dahms

Finding the right venue for your event is no easy task. After all, a simple search on Google returns over 150,000,000 results just in one large city. The process can definitely be overwhelming, as getting answers to even the most basic questions regarding pricing, availability and appointments is sometimes like pulling teeth. What we are providing here is a much more manageable way to or ... Read more

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3 Tips for Planning a Successful Public Event By Robin Dahms

There are a number of crucial steps to follow when planning an event; the first is to start planning the event well in advance. The best way to approach planning is to develop a detailed management plan, which includes a timetable of what needs to be done, when and who is going to do it. Detailed Plan should include: Timetable & Schedule Mileston ... Read more

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