Your Leadership, Our Expertise

Events of significance creates Signature Events for Speakers, Coaches, Business Experts and Thought Leaders on-fire to monetize their message and catapult their profits!

From conceptualization to production, we will design the perfect venue, create the perfect guest experience, generate the PR and Marketing needed to create a large audience, and the tools needed to generate revenue and leads in every square foot of the room every time you speak.

Our clients say they feel relieved that they could just show up, it was all done for them, and they could be ‘present’ with their guests. Our team will be there by your side to assist with everything from designing the vision, defining the budget, maintaining the milestones, setting up appointments, selection of vendors as well as throughout the entire event process and of course on the days of the event.

  • Business Conferences
  • Women’s Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Interactive Seminars
  • Business Meetings
  • Recognition/Award Ceremonies
  • VIP Dinners
  • Keynote and Panel Speakers
  • Leadership Symposiums
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Holiday Parties
  • Company Mixers
  • Live Feed for International Clients

“Robin Dahms is the person who organizes, pre-plans, and coordinates all the countless elements that are required for her client’s events, and then manages all of the elements on-site at the actual event. One of the best parts of my being an entrepreneur is how many interesting people I meet and learn from on a daily basis. Robin has been one of those people surround myself who gives me energy. Her energy is contagious. She consistently surprises people by giving them more than what they asked for. As a digital marketing strategist, I have witnessed the power that se provides in that area for her clients. It is hard to find people like Robin who not only believe but take action on the concept that “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” Even if you are not geographically able to meet her in person, I recommend that you have a phone conversation with Robin.”
~ Written by: Preston Naquin, Speaker Business Coach 832-373-3561

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